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Is Your Website Designed Properly?

A good or bad website is generally determined by 3 main factors: Design, Usability, and Search Engine Friendliness. All three of these factors must be done correctly in order for your website to attract and retain visitors, and to rank with search engines.

This article focuses on the design and usability of your website.

Is My Website Designed Properly?

How Do You Know if Your Website is Designed Properly?

Look at your website. Have your friends and family take a look as well, ideally using different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, even Internet Explorer) and different devices (desktop, tablet, phone, etc.)

How Do You Know if Your Website is Usable?

Again, have your friends and family test the website in different browsers, screen resolutions, and devices. Elements that work in one browser may be broken in another browser.

If your website suffers from one or more of these design and usability flaws, it should be fixed. Sometimes these issues can simply be repaired if there are only a few of them. But if there are lot of design and usability issues, especially if the website is more than a few years old, it may be best to simply create a new website.

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