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I am also a Website Content Writer and Copywriter that provides Customized Text Writing, Website Wording and Copywriting, specific to your industry, your company, and your target audience.

Although I can provide website wording and text for any type of business, my niche is construction and home improvement (roofing, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc.), landscaping (as well as lawn services and tree removal), and well services (drilling of all types, pumps, water services).

I can provide website content writing for ANY website, whether it's one I've built or not. If you have a website that you don't want to update, but just need to have the text improved, I can help!

Website Wording is Important for Google Search Ranking

The biggest, most beautiful website is not going to rank in Google Search without proper wording. Coming up with website text is something that most of my clients struggle with. In general, web designers don't provide content for client websites (or they may outsource the content writing overseas, or use generic default wording that comes with a website template), so it's up to the client to provide wording for their website. But this takes time and skill.

Here are some qualities that your website's wording should possess:

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Contact me anytime at 609-914-1318 (phone or text), or EMAIL me, and let's talk about the difference I can make for your business by writing your website's wording and text content.



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