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Social media activity, such as frequent Facebook posts, is a ranking factor for search engines. Google loves companies with an active social media presence! And social media is a great way to reach people in your local area.

I provide social media marketing services, including creating social media profiles for your business, and Facebook posts and ads.

Some of the social media websites that can help you promote your business are as follows:


Business marketing on Facebook is easy to implement with company Facebook pages. Post compelling information and photos, and utilize boosted posts and ads to get more "likes". You can even have a Facebook feed on your website!

Instagram and Pinterest

People love pictures, and if the work you do is photoworthy, you can gain a nice following on Instagram and Pinterest. Be sure to utilize those hashtags!


Search engines love videos, and Google loves YouTube because YouTube is a Google subsidiary. So embedding one or more YouTube videos on your website can help your website rank a bit higher.

But also, if someone is watching a video on your website, they're staying on that page longer. Google tracks the amount of time that visitors stay on your website; longer durations can mean a higher search ranking.


Many people are not familiar with Twitter, so they don't realize how easy Twitter is to use. It's more of a "no nonsense" platform than Facebook. And you can have a Twitter feed on your website.


Contact me anytime at 609-914-1318 (phone or text), or EMAIL me, and let's talk about the difference I can make for your business by providing you with Social Media Marketing services to promote your company and help your website rank higher in search engines.



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