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At T. Brooks Web Design I create simple, eye-catching company logos that can be used on your website as well as your business cards, signs, trucks, documents and more.

A logo helps to create brand recognition for your business, and should be consistent among all of your marketing materials. Think about logos for all of the large corporations and how you immediately recognize who they are simply by their logo, such as the golden arches for McDonald's, the "Apple" apple, and the Nike swash. You know what company they represent without even needing to see the name of their company in text. It works the same way on a smaller scale when you're a small, local business. How many times I'm driving along and I see a local plumbing contractor's truck with their green clover logo, and even if it's far away or in my peripheral vision, I know it's such-and-such Plumbing Contractor. So your logo should represent your company on all levels.

An outdated, blurry logo, or one that's too complicated or hard to see at small sizes, can do more harm to your brand than good. And your logo should fit the "feel" of your company and business type, so you wouldn't want to use, say, an elegant cursive font for a plumbing company.

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Here are just a few logos I have designed:

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