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How to Cancel Your Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media) Contract

Cancel My Thryv/DexYP Contract

Want to cancel your Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media) contract? It can be difficult, but not impossible. Find out how!

As a web designer and SEO company, I work with mostly small businesses, particularly contractors, landscapers, etc. Many small business owners I talk to have tried Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media) at some point, and very few have had anything good to say about them.

What To Do

So what is a business owner to do if they're stuck in a Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media) contract for services that aren't working? I've spoken to quite a few small business owners who were able to cancel their contracts, as well as many of whom got all or most of their money refunded! Most companies will never guarantee a particular ranking in search engines, or that their services will result in paying customers, and that's okay. But the Thryv/Dex Media contracts have lots of loopholes, and when you sign up with them, you're agreeing that they're held harmless for pretty much everything, even if their reps are less than truthful!

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Protective Measures First

Before you even start discussing cancellation and refund discussions with Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media), you must take some protective measures first (a new web designer/online marketing person can help you with this). That's because if you do successfully cancel, then you'll have no website, much of your online marketing goes bye-bye (or worse, held hostage by Thryv/DexYP), and they may still own your domain name, Google My Business listing, and company Facebook page. Once Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media) gets their hooks in, it's difficult to get out!

NOW you can start your cancellation and refund discussions with Thryv/DexYP (Dex Media), since you are now the owner of your domain name, Google My Business listing and Facebook page, and you have a new website either published or ready to publish.

Steps To Take

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