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Website Portfolio

Here are some of the websites I've designed, all manually hand-coded from scratch. Google Search LOVES my websites because they use clean coding that fully conforms to their standards.

This is currently the only layout I am offering. It's very affordable, incredibly fast, mobile friendly, and set up for optimum search friendliness. The only customizing available is colors, images, text, and number of pages. Click on image below to view full site.
These websites I've built throughout the years are for illustrative purposes only (most of these layouts are currently no longer available):

Empire Pizza
Empire Pizza
Easy-to-view mobile-friendly food menu (NOT an image or pdf!)
PAX Surveying and Environmental Consultants, LLC
PAX Surveying
I also designed their logo.
Autofixx Inc.
Autofixx Inc.
Older style one-page layout, still available at super bargain rate


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