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Following Up with Customers and Leads

Following up with leads and customers is a key component in your marketing strategy. How do know if your customers are satisfied with your work? YOU ASK!

Customer Follow Up

This is not as easy as it seems. Small business owners are often too busy to handle this task on their own, but it can differentiate your business from your competition. A follow-up call, text or email from the company owner is a nice personal touch, but if you have an administrative assistant, it's something that person can do on your behalf.

Following up with customers and leads is crucial in determining their level of satisfaction, so you can take steps to resolve any issues that customer may have, and you can find out how to improve your customer service in general. Your customers are also a valuable resource. You can't be everywhere, so customers can clue you in on what's going on with subcontractors on the job, if your workers are showing up late, if your salespeople are too pushy, if your prices seem too high, if your work needs improvement, etc.

But follow up calls are not just for checking your customers' level of satisfaction. There are many other compelling reasons to keep in touch with customers, including:

On average, 98% of dissatisfied customers won't complain to you; instead, they will simply not become repeat customers. And they will tell 9 other people about their experience!

The differentiating factor from one business to the next is often the level of customer service and not the price!* And businesses with perceived high customer service can sustain higher prices than their competition.**

* Edward Lowe Foundation - http://edwardlowe.org/erc/?ercID=6328
** The Profit Impact of Market Strategy Report (PIMS)

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