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Galaxies the ash of stellar alchemy prime number science of rock and gas brain is the seed of intelligence.

Our custom-built Forex trading software enables you to trade the news and get in and out of the markets within minutes, giving you the confidence to profit from Forex markets.

Many options and safety features were considered in the development of this software. These features remove split-second decisions out of the equation.

You do not need to have extensive knowledge or experience at all in trading to use our software. There are no intricate strategy setups or complex indicators required. With years of data collected for each individual trade, that further enhances your chances of success!

Each individual trade has a specific setup used, such as entry times, bracket sizes, recommended targets, and stops. This information was carefully set up with years of data and is a big part of your success using our software.

We have a full monthly trading schedule with specific days and times, down to the second. Each week we will have individual trades listed in our members' section with specific, easy-to-follow setups.

This allows the individual the flexibility to trade on their own time. You do not need to waste countless hours in front of a screen anymore.

Trade times range from early mornings to late evenings each day. This really gives you the flexibility to trade around any busy schedule you may have from anywhere in the world.

Enrico D'Amato, Founder and Owner

Seven years ago I was stuck working less than satisfying jobs, not content with the direction my life was heading. One day I decided to do something about it. I was introduced into the world of trading and it changed my life! It created a financial independence that in the past only seemed like a fantasy. By staying motivated and willing to learn I was able to make that fantasy a reality.

I decided to start this company to share my knowledge and experience, to teach people and give them the opportunity to be a successful trader, and to give individuals the opportunity to have financial independence and be able to live the life you truly desire.

My background and experience is seven years with forex markets, specifically with news trading. My knowledge and experience in this style of trading has allowed me to have many highly successful trades.

Enrico D'Amato
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