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Customer Reviews are very important for a business. I provide an Online Customer Review service that gathers positive reviews from your customers on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angie's List, Houzz and more.

The Importance of Customer Reviews

Most people will check online reviews about your company before contacting or hiring you. And one of the variables that Google uses to determine where to rank your business in their Google My Business listings (map section on the top of Google search results) is the number of customer reviews you have and your overall review score.

One Bad Review

More Positive Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, more people will leave a review when they've had a negative experience than if they've had a positive one. So if you want a positive review, often you'll just have to ask for it. But that takes time, and it puts your customers on the spot. So a third party service that handles this for you is the perfect solution. With my customer review service, I can get more positive reviews for your company.

Manual Review Service Without the Hassle

There are tons of customer review services out there. Here are some ways in which mine is different from most:

Reviews may get deleted after you stop using the service. Cancelling will not affect your reviews.
Automated process performed by programs and bots Manual, done by me personally
You must manage the reviews yourself. I handle everything.
Spotty customer service, much of which is outsourced to other countries One point of contact: ME
Commissioned salespeople whose only job is to get you to sign up I only offer services that I know are helpful, and I have a stake in how well they work.

Contact Me

Contact me anytime by PHONE or TEXT at 609-914-1318, or EMAIL me, and let's talk about the difference I can make for your company's reputation by handling your Online Customer Reviews.



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