How I Get Clients to Rank on Page 1 of Google Search

I am frequently able to get my clients to rank in the #1 spot on Page One of Google without utilizing paid ads (this is called "organic" ranking). In addition to some proprietary "trade secrets", I take tried-and-true approaches that have landed many of my clients at the top of Google. I also pay close attention to Google's Ranking Factors. Keep in mind that not every company can rank on Page One due to variables that are outside of my control (most notably, what your competitors are doing).

  1. I Build a Great Website
    • Website architecture is organized in a way that's easy for humans and search engines to navigate.
    • Coding is "clean", uncluttered, and simple, which is easy for search engines to understand.
    • Title and description tags are comprised of the most important keywords related to client's business. These keywords are also strategically placed throughout the website (it's an art and a science!) for maximum search engine attention.
    • Images utilize the necessary "alt" and "title" tags, again, with keywords to help in search engine ranking. And images are optimized so that the site loads quickly.

  2. Google Webmaster Tools
    I create a sitemap.xml file to help search engines crawl and index the site more efficiently, and utilize Google Webmaster Tools to set important Google search engine and website preferences.
  3. Google Analytics
    I add Google Analytics to the website to track visitor data such as keywords and search terms used to find your site, referring sites/links, how long visitors stayed on site, which pages they visited, even their city and state, and much more.

  4. Online Listings and Promotion
    I add company and website information to the most popular, reputable, highest ranking free listing sites, such as Google Places for Business, Bing, Manta, and Angie's List. This not only helps to promote the website and increase its visibility, but the more incoming links ("backlinks") a website has from reputable sites, the more attractive the site is to search engines.
  5. The Final Piece of the Puzzle: Social Media

    • I create social media accounts with Facebook and several others. Social media allows you to create and share current, up-to-date, helpful, relevant content through posts, blogs, and videos. Search engines love this type of content, and can reward you for it by ranking your site higher in search engine listings.
    • I come up with Facebook post topics and publish Facebook posts and ads. I can also add a Facebook feed to the website, so website visitors can see that you're keeping your site's content up-to-date. And I use several techniques to create campaigns to get more likes on your company Facebook page.
    • I monitor and run Google Analytics reports to see how much traffic is being generated and where it's coming from, to figure out what keywords and techniques are working the best, and I compare statistics to the previous week.

Every new visit to a website increases the website's popularity with search engines, edging it higher in the listings. The higher rank can attract more website visitors, which drives the site higher, and so on.


Online marketing is not a "set it and forget it" endeavor. Your online presence must be promoted, updated, and maintained regularly. Your search engine rankings can change negatively or positively for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons you can control (for example, your social media activity and how often you update your website), and some you cannot (competing companies improving their marketing tactics and bumping you out of your #1 spot, new competition in your industry, the economic climate, and so on).

Remember that although online rankings are important (most customers research and find local services online), "real life" experience is just as important. The highest ranking site that provides sub-par service will eventually find it difficult to continue converting that onsite popularity to paying customers. And a low ranking site that provides outstanding service will retain more customers and gain more referrals, but may have a hard time getting NEW customers. The most successful, winning mix in getting customers is offering a great product or service, providing superior customer care, and having a top-notch online presence.

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