Duplicate or Plagiarized Website Content

If you're tempted to copy content from another website (text, images, etc.)... DON'T! Search engines do not take kindly to plagiarism (duplicating copyrighted material), and not only can it result in poor rankings for your site, but Google and Bing might remove your site from their search rankings entirely, blacklist you permanently, and the company whose website content you copied could take legal action against you.

Website Plagiarism and Copied Content

DUPLICATE content is bad too. Duplicating content is basically just plagiarizing non-copyrighted material. And if you change a few words around to try to bypass Google's duplicate content detector, Google is smart enough to know this trick, and it's even worse because then they know it was pre-meditated.

Because it's so important to not duplicate or plagiarize website content, I ask my clients to provide their own, ORIGINAL wording for their websites (although I correct text in terms of spelling, grammar and search friendliness, and make sure that it reads well). If I as a web designer come up with my own text for your website, it's going to be similar to wording on every other website I build, and will basically be generic "marketing fluff". It might also end up being duplicate content. How many times can I say, "We are the best company in your area, and our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service for our clients" before Google takes notice? And how likely is it that potential clients will stay on a website that contains generic wording that they're read a hundred times before?

YOU know your company better than anyone. A website is your chance to shine. Do you really want to leave something this important to someone outside of your company? Write your content the way you would explain your business and services to a potential customer. Pretend you're sitting in front of this person and they can't make up their mind. What will you say to try to convince them to hire you? What makes your business unique? Why are your services better than your competition? This is what you need to say on your website!

I have quite a few clients request that I provide the wording for their entire website. Guess how well those websites are ranking in Google?

Here's a site with more detailed information about plagiarized and duplicated/copied website content: https://www.seomark.co.uk/copying-website-content/.

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