American Hung Gar - South Jersey Martial Arts & Self Defense

South Jersey Martial Arts and Self Defense

American Hung Gar in Mt. Laurel NJ provides Hung Gar Martial Arts and Self Defense classes in Burlington County NJ and South Jersey.

Fitness, focus and self-defense.

Hung Gar is a refined fighting system based on real world application. Our training is specifically designed for practical application. Everything here is earned.

American Hung Gar - South Jersey Martial Arts & Self Defense

This school is for serious applicants. While any physical fitness level is accepted, you have to achieve the same requirements as everyone else in order to advance. This is not for the faint of heart.

Students learn to strike and practice meditative martial forms along with street applicable grappling defense. As a student grows and becomes more powerful, the exercises and strategies become more complex and physically demanding. We spar in every class.

We train in the elements most of the year, like the masters of old. This encourages students to become mentally and physically stronger while fostering a connection to nature.

Training in this system is hard. Our standards are high. You have to choose to be strong, and with that choice comes lots of sweat and hard work.

Are you ready for a challenge?

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